How to get Free V Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale


How to get Free V Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite was put on sale last July, but it was not until the end of September when the Epic Games game received one of its most outstanding game modes: Battle Royale. Following in the footsteps of titles like the successful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode features an action and survival experience in which 100 players are put on a huge battlefield for the sole purpose of survival. Of course, survival is only guaranteed for one player. So we will have to use ourselves thoroughly to survive using the most important mechanics of Fortnite such as the construction of bases. The placement of traps and strategic planning.

How to get Free V Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale

If a few weeks ago we detailed the best weapons of Fornite Battle Royale. Today we bring you a new guide so you can continue making the most of the game of Epic Games for PS4, PC and Xbox One. This time we want to talk about the V -Bucks, or what is the same, the virtual currency of the game. The topic of micropayments is the order of the day and, like more and more current games. Fortnite also allows users to acquire more V-Bucks coins with real money and thus be able to acquire new equipment and cosmetic elements for our character. The good news is that there are other ways to get V-Bucks without going through the box and that is why in our new guide we will tell you how to get free v bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Daily quests are one of the best ways to get V-Bucks coins in Fortnite. As Epic Games allows, at least for now, that users can spend accumulated V-Bucks in any game mode, including Battle Royale. The good news is that these daily missions are usually very simple and in many cases also coincide with objectives that are automatically completed in any game. As is logical, these missions vary their objectives every day. But they practically coincide in missions of elimination of enemies or collection of resources.

Rewards in V-Bucks of daily missions vary depending on the mission with objectives that allow you to accumulate 75 or 100 coins of the game for completing a single mission. Although the truth is that most of the daily missions offer as a reward of about 13500 V-Bucks. Similar to daily missions, you can get V-Bucks coins if you connect daily the title of Epic Games for PS4, PC and Xbox One, although, obviously. The rewards in the latter case are more limited or will not help you accumulate too many coins.

There is another way to get coins V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale but requires that you have at least level 70 due to the difficulty of the mission in question. This is the defense missions of Twine Peaks. In which you will have to survive numerous waves of enemies with other players while trying to protect an area. There are different types of wave missions like the one we detail, but they will all allow you to get the same number of coins: 1000 V-Bucks. The missions of Twine Peaks are presented as one of the most interesting and fun ways to get coins from Fortnite, with the only one but needing at least level 70 to access them.

If you are still far from level 70, we have good news for you: the Stonewood missions. This is a series of missions similar to those we just detailed Twine Peaks, but this time you must protect an area while surviving waves of enemies in Stonewood. In addition, for this new group of missions the recommended level is between 1 and 19, so it will allow you to get Fortnite V-Bucks as soon as you start your adventure in the game of PS4, PC and Xbox One.

There are other ways to get V-Bucks coins in Fornite, for example helping other players in trouble or overcoming the main missions. Of course, these two activities will give you much less virtual coins from the game of Epic Games than the daily missions or defense missions and waves of Twine Peaks and Stonewood. In any case, it is very important that you accumulate as many coins as possible, since V-Bucks can be spent in all Fortnite game modes, including Battle Royale mode.

As usual, these virtual coins called V-Bucks will allow you to get all kinds of elements, weapons, and equipment for your characters, as well as to improve more quickly the skills of your character. What we have detailed in this guide of Fortnite Battle Royale are the methods that will help you accumulate V-Bucks without going through the box, but if you do not mind spending a few euros you also have the option to acquire the virtual currency of the game in stores of each of the platforms on which the game is available.

The launch of Fortnite Battle Royale has been a success and is that as announced recently Epic Games, the game has exceeded seven million players after the boost that has brought the release of the mentioned mode. Here we leave you with our full analysis of Fortnite for PS4, PC and Xbox One and an Epic Games game guide with all the details about the best classes, their main features and when it is best to use them. And as a gift, this article in which we compared Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and we discussed which Battle Royale is better.

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