Fashion style types and categories, Which One is You?

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Fashion style types and categories, Which One is You? We are all different and we all have a notion of personal and different style. Yet similarities exist for each of us. This is what allows to classify women’s styles in 9 distinct styles (there are 7 for men, I will come later).
Know that if we enter each of these styles, we also have a secondary style. It’s the combination of these two styles that make us unique 🙂

Chatter, you wait for them impatiently, so here they are:

1. The modern woman
The modern woman loves fashion, she follows trends and draws inspiration from magazines or fashion blogs. Do not confuse it with a fashion victim. Indeed, does fashion, love of fashion, the modern woman will follow the trends that interest her only. She will draw on her inspiration and tastes in the wide choice of fashion trends. She will not dress fashion from head to toe, but will often wear a trendy piece on her look. The modern woman likes comfort. It will not be she that you will see in stilettos from morning to night. She thinks of the practical side without neglecting her look. She also loves accessories and shoes.
The modern woman

2. The romantic woman
The romantic woman likes to be beautiful and when she buys something, it will often be impulsive. She does not follow fashion specifically. She follows her own path and her own desires. His favorites will often focus on delicate materials, flowery prints or pastel shades. She also loves bohemian- inspired looks. She also likes to make braids or curls in her hair, she will never wear strict hairstyles. The romantic woman is feminine and delicate like a pretty flower, the motif she loves so much.
The romantic woman

3. The artistic (or creative) woman
The artistic woman is colorful! You do not risk to miss her so much she catches the eye. And that’s good because she likes us to look at her. Dares color and unexpected associations. Follows her own fashion and her own style. Learn how to match the colors with each other 🙂
The artistic (or creative) woman

4. The sophisticated woman
The sophisticated woman.a refined woman. She likes to take care of her and likes to follow fashion. Her outfit will always be worked and her accessories always matched. She is very careful about the quality of a piece before buying it. It turns more easily to brands whether for clothing or accessories. She wears a few bright colors. If it is, it will be small touches. She likes to wear bent clothes, but will never fall into vulgarity. She is an haute couture woman.
The sophisticated woman

5. The elegant woman
The elegant woman is a classic woman, chic and organized. No messy dressing room at her place. Everything is in its place. She loves timeless and timeless pieces that last in time. She takes care of it. Discover how to take care of your clothes. She does not like change so she stays true to the cuts and clothes she loves. She does not follow fashion specifically. The elegant woman knows what she wants. She does not like to draw attention to her chest and will rarely wear clothes close to the body. A little conservative, it will be also for the choice of its colors. Navy blue, gray and brown will be his allies.
The elegant woman

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